2019 Thinklab International Training Programme starts with the Training Office Administrative Skills


Office Management and Effective Administration Skills

Program Aim



Office Management and Effective Administration Skills is an exciting and interactive training course. It is designed to provide of ce administrators, supervisors of clerical and administrative staff, executive secretaries and personal assistants the opportunity to review and develop the interpersonal and professional skills they need to do their jobs effectively – thereby contributing to their own, their boss’ and their organisation’s success.

Course content


Programme Introduction/Roles, Competences And Personal Effectiveness

       Programme introduction and objectives

       Action planning

       The ‘competence’ model of skills, behaviours and values

       Emotional and Chronistic Intelligence

       Personal competence review

       Time management constraints – resources, systems, other people and self

       Handling requests and con icting priorities


Team Working, Communication And Meetings

·        Team working and team roles

·        Brie ng skills – giving, receiving and passing on

·        Organising and participating in meetings

·        Notes, minutes and follow-up

Managing Working Relationships / Communication Skills/Supervising Admin Staff

·        Delegation – giving and receiving

·        Coaching and training colleagues and staff – skills of on-job training

·        Communication and listening skills – lessons from NLP

·        Building rapport

·        Developing a network of working relationships influencing skills

·        Assertiveness and conflict

·        People problems and problem people

·        Helping others perform – case study

·        Practical motivation

·        Criticism skills

Managing Time/Desk Management And Office Technology/Writing Skills

·        Planning and priority setting

·        Office layout and ergonomics

·        Managing the paper-load and developing paperless systems

·        Getting the best from of ce technology

·        Letter writing


·        E-mail ef ciency and etiquette

·        Writing and editing reports

·        Proof-reading skills

·        Setting up/developing writing layout and style guidelines

·        for the organisation

·        Writing & designing presentation slides

Managing Information & Budgets/ Improving Customer Service And Systems

·        Principles of information management – scheduling, ltering and digesting

·        Interpreting and presenting statistical information

·        Designing and using graphs

·        Designing surveys, presenting ndings and interpreting meaning

·        Basic concepts of nancial management

·        Monitoring budgets and variance

·        Improving customer service and systems – continuous

·        improvement

·        Action planning



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